Pinport Stickers for PDIP / ATmega AVR Controllers

Hi Guys

Yesterday I lost more than one hour while trying to figure out the flaw in my breadboard-setup. After this hour I saw that I made an error while counting the pins and connected the wires to the wrong pin!

However, I decided that this should enever happen again and started to design some stickers with the pinouts of the controllers I use. I printed them on some adhesive laser-printer compatible stickers and put them on my controllers. Now I’ll never again have to count pins;)

At the end of this entry I attached the files as pdf (sorry, I can’t attach .svg from inkscape here).
They include the sticker for ATmega162, ATmega32, ATmega8, ATmega8L, MAX232 and DIP28, dip14 and DIP40 packages.

I hope you they may help you!


ATmega MAX232 PDIP

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2 comments on “Pinport Stickers for PDIP / ATmega AVR Controllers
  1. […] something with an AVR or MAX232? Print out some of these stickers and make sure you get the pinouts right. Thanks, […]

  2. Thomas Shaddack sagt:

    Been there, done that, very efficient. My stickers were made as HTML/CSS, leveraging the physical-dimensions setting available in CSS. (Labeling the power/ground pins with dabs of red and blue markers is also helpful.)

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